🗓️CAD Allocation and Vesting


The max supply of CAD is 250,000,000 tokens.

Token Allocation

The breakdown of the CAD token allocation is as follows:

Trader Incentives - 33%

Total number of Tokens: 82,500,000 tokens

Token incentives will be used through innovative programs beginning with a referral airdrop for our LBP. A majority of incentives will be given in escrowed CAD that require to be staked for a year to get CAD, minimizing sell pressure. After Cadence Perpetuals launches there will be an increase in reward distribution for Liquidity Providers and the community until we launch Symphony in late Q2 / early Q3.

Strategic Seed Funding - 12%

Total number of Tokens: 30,000,000 tokens

Vesting Procedure:

  • 10% Unlocked after LBP

  • 35% released after 10 month cliff

  • 55% Linear Unlock months 10-24 in equal installments

CAD is a yield bearing asset. Our 10% unlock after the LBP gives investors the ability to stake, provide liquidity to Cadence Perpetuals, and earn revenue as our cliff is longer than typical protocols. Our investors were chosen carefully and strategically to ensure their commitment to building towards the long term vision of Cadence.

The 10 month cliff serves to ensure minimal selling pressure prior to Symphony's Launch and to protect early users and stakers to ensure they earn high rewards from our early incentives programs. Additional CAD use-cases from Symphony's integration will enable greater value adds to the CAD token.

CAD/CANTO Pool - 5%

Total number of Tokens: 12,500,000 tokens

Vesting Procedure: Vested immediately after LBP

This allocation will be used for providing liquidity on Dexs.

Team - 20%

Total number of Tokens: 50,000,000 tokens

Vesting Procedure:

  • 27.7% released after 10 month cliff

  • 72.3% Linear Unlock months 10-36 in equal installments

The team vesting schedule serves to align with CAD holders and demonstrate our long-term commitment to Cadence's development.

Treasury - 20%

Total number of Tokens: 50,000,000 tokens

Vesting Procedure: Minted only when utilization is required

The treasury is reserved for various long-term functions of the project including:

  • A proportion can be staked as esCAD to provide a long-term income stream and build up a war chest/protocol owned liquidity

  • May be utilized in marketing, grants programs, liquidity providing, partnerships, exchange listings, etc.

  • The treasury will be managed carefully to ensure the long-term success of the project and to the benefit of CAD stakers

  • Potential fundraising in the future

LBP - 10%

Total number of Tokens: 25,000,000 tokens

Vesting Procedure: No Vesting, released at the end of the LBP

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