How-to-Use Guide

Testnet is CLOSED


In order to participate in the testing process you must be connected to Canto Testnet and visit the Trade Page.

Please follow the instructions below to switch your wallet to the proper network and obtain the necessary funds.

Step 1:

Assuming you have already installed and configured MetaMask in your browser of choice, follow these steps to add the Canto network:

  1. Open the MetaMask extension.

  2. At the top of the interface, click on the network you are connected to e.g. "Ethereum Mainnet".

  3. Click on "Add Network":

Add the Testnet to your wallet by adding the Canto Testnet network using these parameters:

  • Network Name: Canto Testnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 7701 Currency Symbol: CANTO Block Explorer URL:

Step 2:

Acquire CANTO testnet funds by either:

  1. Visiting the Faucet. Enter your wallet address and click on "REQUEST."

  2. Use the /driptestnet {address} command in the #canto-testnet-faucet channel of the Canto Discord

Step 3:

Trade and enjoy the sounds of the first decentralized perpetuals on Canto!

Please note that position execution and price updates will be faster on MainNet.

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